Payment Solutions

Health plans and health care providers can save time and money with OptumSM Electronic Payments and Statements (EPS), a fully integrated electronic remittance and payment solution.

Benefits for health care providers

  • Improve cash flow and reduce settlement expenses — Access funds faster because payments are deposited directly into your bank account. Direct deposit payments eliminate time and costs associated with handling paper checks.
  • Expedite the claims payment and reconciliation process — Reconcile claims and payments automatically and download patient benefit information into your system to save time and ensure accuracy.
  • Manage your account online — View, print and download information from the easy-to-use Web site. Search for payments and claims by date, patient name, payment number and more. Request bundles of remittance data for the date periods and payers you specify.

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Benefits for health plans

  • Transition claims from paper to electronic — More than 850,000 health care professionals already use EPS. That means you can expect 20 percent to 40 percent of your claims to go electronic almost immediately.
  • Save on administrative costs and operate more efficiently —EPS eliminates costly manual and paper-based processes that create unnecessary administrative tasks and expenses for payers and providers alike.
  • Encourage providers to enroll — We’ll give you the tools to conduct provider enrollment campaigns that motivate paper-based providers to adopt our cost-effective electronic solution.

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Less paperwork costs less money

A mid- or large-size payer can save more than $5 million over five years with Optum Electronic Payments and Statements. Get started by calling 1-866-427-6804 or e-mailing to reach an OptumHealth Financial Services representative.