Health Savings Accounts

With rising health care costs, individuals and employers are looking for ways to save money while ensuring quality care. Health savings accounts, paired with qualified high-deductible health plans, can help. HSAs put individuals and families in charge of some of their own health care spending and offer tax benefits to both their owners and to employers who choose to contribute to them.

Contributions made to an HSA are tax-deductible when used for eligible health expenses. HSAs can be funded by anyone — the account holder, an employer, family members or any other individual.


The money in an HSA belongs to the account holder, no matter who deposited it. And there’s no "use it or lose it" rule, meaning deposits can earn interest and funds continue to grow over time.


With an HSA, account holders get triple tax savings:

  • Deposits are exempt from income tax.
  • Savings grow tax-free.
  • Money spent on eligible expenses is income tax-free.

HSA funds can be used to pay for eligible medical expenses for the account holder and his or her spouse and dependents. The linked Optum Bank Health Savings Account Debit MasterCard® works just like a credit card, providing an easy way to pay.

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If you want to offer HSAs to your employees, call 1-866-427-6804 or email to reach an employer relations representative.

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are individual accounts offered by Optum BankSM, Member FDIC, and are subject to eligibility and restrictions, including but not limited to restrictions on distributions for qualified medical expenses set forth in section 213(d) of the Internal Revenue Code. This communication is not intended as legal or tax advice. Please contact a competent legal or tax professional for personal advice on eligibility, tax treatment, and restrictions. Federal and state laws and regulations are subject to change.


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